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I Provide You With Science Based But Sustainable Nutrition & Training, Personalised Coaching & All The Support You Need....You Get The Results You Want. 

Its Easy To Get Started

Fill out the Ignite Application Form, then I'll either call or send you a text message to answer any questions you have. 

If you're a good fit for us & we're a good fit for you then I'll give you all the details you need to get started. 

I'll then personalise your nutrition, personalise your training and get you started off on the right foot, once and for all.   

If you're looking for results Jon is the guy to see!

I had all the normal reservations about personal training before I went to see Jon……. I am not fit enough, I’m not going to be able to do all the exercises and I felt self conscious before the session.

I'd been trying really hard with training sessions (5-6 days a week) and following diets but not getting results.


Then it all changed.  From the first session Jon helped me feel at ease and we went through my goals and all the concerns I had. It was great to understand why I wasn't getting the results I wanted and work out a path of how to get there.  


I now understand how to get the best out of my exercise (not over train like before) and how to create an energy balance whilst making my results sustainable!!

If you're looking for a dedicated and motivating trainer Jon is the PT for you. Each session you will be pushed and smash your goals, but he will make you do pull ups 


Maribell, Business Owner

I often spend long hours stuck behind my PC without much time to exercise. This caused me to gain a large amount of weight, which I was very unhappy with. Since I have started personal training with Jon 8 weeks ago, I have lost a stone / 2 dress sizes. I feel full of energy and I’m happy with my weight. I have even taken up running again! Jon is an inspirational trainer, he truly cares for your wellbeing and he knows his stuff. I can’t recommend him enough! 

Jenny, Secretary

I feel stronger, fitter and happier in myself all because of my personal training with Jon. I excelled in amateur athletics when I was a teenager and have always been a regular at the gym, but as a busy mum I felt that I needed to maximise my time and Jon was recommended to me. He has given me expert personalised instruction based around my individual needs. He taught me to focus on goals and improve my performance by introducing me to a whole new range of exercises. My nutritional requirements were discussed and my diet has improved dramatically. I would strongly recommend Jon to anyone out there looking to move their fitness to another level.

How We'll Ignite Your Progress

#1 Nutrition Plans, Personalised To You 

You've probably tried 100's of generic nutrition plans. Truth is, until its personalised to your likes & dislikes it won't really be sustainable. Thats why at Ignite we've teamed up with a UK Registered Dietitian to provide you with the most effective, evidence based methods to eating for sustainable weight loss available. 

#2 Social Training

Its easier to hit the gym when you know your friend is waiting for you, isn't it? Thats why group format training works so well. Even science agree's. You'll get to know other women just like you, make friends and every single sessions will feel like a meet up with old friends meaning motivation comes easily.  

#3 Personalised Coaching, Support, Accountability

Any other trainer would give you a generic workout with a generic meal plan and leave you to it. At Ignite we understand your needs are different + your lifestyle is different. Thats why you get personal coaching to help guide & support you through any obstacles or questions that crop up on your journey to a new you. 

Ruth, Office Manager

Having spent most of my twenties struggling to lose weight through Slimming Clubs and fad diets I hit 30 and decided I needed to take action! Six months ago and began having Personal Training sessions with Jon. Jon has helped me to get my diet and nutrition on track as well as giving me an exercise programme. I now enjoy and look forward to our weekly sessions! I have now lost 7 stone 3lbs in weight, I feel the healthiest that I ever have and I am well on the way to hitting my goal! Jon has given me the encouragement to carry on pushing myself even when I have felt like giving up.

About The Ignite Team.

Jon Ship, L3 Personal Trainer

Certified PT + Functional Training Expert

Jon has been in the fitness industry for 8 years, 4x longer than most personal trainers, which speaks volumes about the service he provides. He loves nothing more than helping people establish constructive routines & habits that help them improve their lives. 

Mike Sweeney, UK RD, Sports Nutritionist

UK Registered Dietitian, Sports Performance Nutritionist

Mike has a Sports Science degree & is a UK Registered Dietitian. He worked in the NHS for 4 years before dedicating his time to helping personal trainers deliver evidence based, effective nutrition solutions to their clients.   

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